GetSafeGo in brief

GetSafeGo, a brand and service of SmartMove, Inc., founded in 2015 provides a peer-to-peer ride share marketplace app focused on school commuting. An innovative mobility solution in rapidly growing urban areas, GetSafeGo is working with Los Altos school district and its schools to provide safe, reliable and fun commuting experience for its students. A flexible and ‘on demand’ mode of transportation, GetSafeGo complements existing transportation by carpooling ‘first and last mile’ of student’s commute’.

Further information contact media@getsafego.com

SmartMove, Inc.
2700 Del Medio Ct. Suite 311
Mountain View, CA 94040



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Shrikant Nasikkar, Founder/CEO
Entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. Founder and CEO of startup SmartMove, Inc.
Currently working on GetSafeGo - ride share for kids and busy parents.
Founder Institute Silicon Valley Spring 2015 batch

Mantras I try to live by: Listen with humility and create with conviction
To be a good leader, I have to be better at recognizing when I am wrong. Only then I can fix things, make bold decisions, believe in my team and create compelling products that the world can use.

I like to build products that solves real need.